Let Nature do the dirty work.
Leave it to Pooch-a-loo!
They take care of the poop so you can take care of your pup.
Apart from the fact that we are collecting dog poo at the alarming rate of 10 million tons per year (compounding!)

We are saving it in neatly wrapped plastic bags as a present for future generations! What are they going to do with it?


-Waste Disposal

The Insight

Create awareness of the amount of plastic the world uses to clean up your dog’s poop. A solution to stop pollution, save time, save place and save the world.There is no smell and no flies or solids.

The Idea

Creating brand identity from the start :

○  Name

○  Logo

○  Copywriting (slogan)

○  Infographics

○  Packaging

○  Storyboard

○  Animation

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We look forward to building more then a partnership but rather a relationship.

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